Friday, December 2, 2011

She Did WHAT?

Okay so in my normal everyday life I get all sorts of shocking suprises. Things like toys getting flushed down the toilet, a child running full force into a wall, random food items being poured into carpet, and once I actually smelled a gas leak (don't ask). However, never in my life did I expect the suprise that I awoke to at 5:55am this morning.

I was awake, little 6 week old Mara Grace was not yet awake, and neither of us had been up the night before! And then she ate and went back to sleep so I could get everyone ready!

Oh my heck! Look, I make kids who have some crazy amazing talent but I have never made this brand before. In fact I joked all pregnancy when people suggested maybe I would get a good sleeper that Mike and I just don't make that kind of child.

Of course I can pretty much predict that everyone is having one of three reactions to this:

1)Big deal. Aren't they supposed to do that?

People who have this reaction either do not have children and aren't associated with many people who do have them, have completely blocked out what their children were like as babies, or are the rare breed that make this kind of child every time. Consider yourselves lucky.

2) Surely she is lying.

Yeah I used to think that too. I am sorry, I promise this isn't a brag post. I hope you get some sleep soon.

3) I hate you.

Okay maybe hate is a harsh word, but yeah I have racked up a lot of time in purgatory for the frustration and envy I have felt when I heard this story from other people. Again, I hope you get to sleep soon.

Hopefully this is a trend. We have been getting up just once a night for a couple of weeks and I thought that was fantastic. If she hadn't left our sight the entire the time in the hospital, had my name ziptied to her ankles, and looked exactly like my other children I would be wondering right now if babies somehow got switched at the hospital.

Goes to show you that anything is possible.