Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sorry I Dropped the Ball

We have been having some technical difficulties so I haven't been keeping up. I hope to be posting more regularly now.

The biggest news is that Jimmy is passing on grade level all disciplines other than Writing, Art and Music. He even got a B in PE. Oh my word! We are loads excited.

I also learned at the beginning of school that Cristin could read. I keep getting acolades from everyone on this super fantastic job I have been doing with her and I keep thinking to myself, "should I let them in on the reality that I was an enormous slacker and that she taught herself?"

Jack now has an official diagnosis of Verbal Apraxia. I am cool with it because Verbal Apraxia is fixable with therapy and is not a permenant problem. I am also thrilled that we know what it is.

Things are crazier than ever around here. It is a good sort of crazy in that I can manage it. Jack is now 3 and he is getting so big.

Will have more to say later.

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