Monday, November 14, 2011

Oops I Filled My Pants....

Not me, Mara.

Mara has 2 modes these days. Either she is so full of gas she is about to explode, or asleep. The problem we face is that if we manage to get her to get all the gas out, she will often fill her diaper right as she is falling asleep or soon after.

The timing of this is most unfortunate as there are up to three other children running around my house at any given time. Is this a massive problem? Not a bit. However, it is logistically challenging at a level at or more complex than the EVIL level of computerized Suduko puzzles.

The biggest challenge is trying to get the house reasonably clean. By reasonable, I mean clean clothes, clean dishes, fed children and a floor that doesn't look like a landfill. We have been making our way towards this goal, however Mara keeps throwing us curve balls along the way.

Case in point, this AM. After a fairly long night of Mara being up refusing to sleep with a tummy full of gas, she finally suddenly dropped off to sleep while I was burping her, much like the little girl in Monsters Inc. went from wide awake to passed out. I put her down in her crib and to my delight she didn't wake up. Trying to decide what I should do first, I passed by the hall bathroom where my boys do their business and realized the whole thing smelled like a urinal. This has more to do with the 4 yr old recently discovering the joys of peeing standing up than my lack of cleaning, but still it was suddenly target #1 for me.

So I was back and forth between the 2 bathrooms getting them very clean, I was excited to be on a roll, and it wasn't even 10am! Just as I am cleaning up the source of the smell, I hear it.... the screaming. Sigh.... only 20 minutes into this nap and it is over. Just then the 4 yr old appears and informs me that his sister is awake, as if I cannot hear.

This is where the real problem begins. The 4 yr old hasn't quite grasped that a baby who is crying is not going to up and die if it isn't picked up. So there I am, hands pretty much in a toilet and I have to finish. I spend the next 5 mintues cleaning as fast as I can and arguing with the 4 yr old to stay by me. Why? Because if I don't the 4 yr old will attempt to "rescue" Mara. By "rescue" I mean surely do something that is at best unhelpful and at worse dangerous in order to "help" her.

I did get through it, and found the cause of the waking. Yet again, she woke herself up via filling her pants.

Gotta laugh at it or I'd go insane.

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