Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Aliens Have Landed

It has been calm... too calm.

It started last night when Jack (the 2 yr old) woke up WIDE awake and ready to go. This usually spells disaster. When he does this he gets out of bed and wakes us up. We talk to him, return him to bed and he sits there until he gets bored and comes back. This usually happens right as we drift back to sleep. This cycle will repeat over and over half the night, until his little toddler battery finally runs out of juice and he finally passes out. He then will wake up right on schedule at 6:30am and be a speed demon all day, because when Jack is tired he gets wired. Don't ask me how this inverse of the laws of Physics works, I do not understand it myself.

Here's the deal. He was back asleep in about 15 minutes. This was strange but a welcome change from normal.

Then ALL THREE children slept past 7:30. Honestly, there is a better chance of winning Mega Millions than that happening.

Then they all sat quietly and watched cartoons while I made breakast. I kept waiting for the third world war. Didn't happen.

At this point I started to wonder if aliens had kidnapped my children while they were sleeping and had taken their form. They were obviously doing a poor imitation of their behavior and I was getting very suspicious.

But then I took my shower and I came out to find out they were back to normal.

Aliens... you are welcome to visit again anytime.

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