Monday, June 28, 2010

Defintely Worth Selling a Limb For

We saw Toy Story 3 yesterday at the full price theatre, which is something we rarely do.

Those of you who know us well know that it is quite unpredictable how a movie will go. Not to mention it seems like it is less expensive to set up a college fund nowadays than to go to a movie. We are Dave Ramsey people. We consider debt an enemy, and have gotten rid of most of ours. We do not use credit cards. It is cash or debit all the way. I coupon, and my 5 year old will tell you that the words "full price" are not a part of our vocabulary. Bottom line is if the budget won't allow it we won't do it.

After spending what seemed like forever pinching pennies to get by, and always aware that we do not know what the next medical need will be, the idea of putting out the ridiculous amount of cash at a movie kind of turns our stomachs. The reason being that if one of the kids can't handle it we are out a lot for nothing, and because with just a little patience we can see it for a dollar. In fact, for us "New Release" means that a movie just hit the Redbox. Toy Story 3, however is an exception, because all of us, especially the boys are so into the series. More importantly, we were certain that all 3 kids would sit for it.

When we told the children yesterday you would have thought it was Christmas. Jack was so excited to wear his Toy Story pull ups to the actual movie, I feared he might show them off (he didn't). Jimmy wanted to buy the movie right then. It was so exciting.

We saw the movie, in the front row of a nearly packed theatre, at 11am. Our biggest obstacle was keeping the boys, particularly Jack from dancing and running in front of the screen. I fully admit to handing my toddler my cup of Coke, which was almost as large as he, to get him to sit in my lap. Bribary is a wonderful thing.

The movie did not dissapoint, and left me with an even greater appreciation for how short this time will be that they are little. It was a blast and was totally worth the splurge.

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  1. I think the trick is making splurges a rarity and therefore special. Sounds like a great time was had by all! TS3 was the carrot we dangled for Celia to wear her panties all day. I owe her a movie date pretty soon! :)