Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When a Pull Up Takes a Very WRONG Turn

I woke up today very energized and determined to conquor my backed up laundry. I immediately stripped my sheets, tossed them into the machine and started things rolling.

I immediately returned after I fed and dressed everyone to change loads. I yanked the wet mass of sheets out, and to my horror, a gelatinous mess flew every where. Mike will tell you that I screamed very loudly several times in horror as I fished for the culprit. In the back of the machine, there it was, the empty casing that once was a dry pull up.

I wish I could say that this is the first time that this has happened to me, but in reality it happens once or twice a year, despite extreme dilligence on my part to check the laundry. Eventually a child will change clothes when I am not paying attention and put pants that contain a pull up into the hamper, or one of us, in a sleep deprived state will change a child and forget to separate the pull up. There are also times, like today, for reasons that defy logic, a child will stash an unused one in a totally random place. In this case, someone put a dry one in our sheets and it got folded in. I now know that I must shake the sheets out too. Sigh...

Anyway, now the mountain is going to get bigger since it will take all day to rectify what was a split second oversight. For the benefit of others who may not know what to do, here is the protocol:

Remove laundry from washer and place in dryer. Run the dryer.
While laundry is drying, wipe as much gel out of the washer as possible.
Run the washer with no clothes in it.
Wipe the washer out again and rerun if it still is not clean.
When clothes are BONE DRY, remove, take outside and shake what will now be lint that resembles tissue out
Clean the lint trap very well
Rerun the clothes in the wash.

Repeat the above until you have clean clothes and clean machines. This can take all day.

Now this is a disclaimer, my dryer can take the drying process without getting damaged. I do not know how all dryers will handle it, so if you are concerned about your dryer you should line dry everything instead of using the dryer. I am not responsible if you kill your machine. :)

Off to clean the machine again...

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